Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nigel Roberts & Paul Belford

Worshipped in UK, not so in Cannes, Paul Belford and Nigel Roberts are probably the most influential advertisers in the world in the most classic category: print. Their system "poster design + beautiful headline that works alone" is a must in countries like Brazil and Singapore. Their "scam ads to win advertising festivals" is also repeated exhaustively in the rest of the world. And finally, their "Economist" posters are taught in the first grade of every advertising school.

It´s not easy to choose the best of the team, since they have always worked together. Now, after almost 15 years together, they split. Nigel is creative director at CHI & Partners, while Paul (the most awarded art director in the history of D&AD) is partner of a small agency, "This is Real Art". Together since DMB&B times, they worked at TBWA, Ogilvy, Leagas Delaney and AMV BBDO. Their constant agency changing and their scam scandals, suggest that they might not be easy to handle.

Ad Genius 11: Nigel Roberts & Paul Belford
Country: UK.
Agencies: DMB&B, TBWA, Ogilvy, Leagas Delaney, AMV BBDO, CHI & Partners, This is Real Art.
At Cannes: 20 Lions, 6 golds.
Strong points: Beautiful layouts + smart headlines.

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