Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bernhard Lukas & Arno Lindemann

It may not be fair to put two creatives as one genius, but some minds simply work better together. After cyber revolution, integrated campaign + stunt era, the creative team is something that still survives and works very well. In this German case, it works amazingly.

Before forming a team in 2007, Bernhard Lukas had won "only" one Gold Lion and Arno Lindemann "only" one silver and one bronze. Than, after Lukas and Lindemann met in Jung von Matt everything simply started to work smoothly. In three years, they have collected 13 lions, most of them in their new Hamburg-based agency, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski.

Contrary to Amir Kassaei´s DDB or Scholz & Friends and, maybe, even Jung von Matt, Lukas & Lindemann try to make great things in real work. Sure, they have made some success with scams too (who hasn´t?), but we can notice in their last Lions for Lego, Mercedes-Benz and Germanwings that everything seemed pretty real and in the client´s strategy.

Ad Genius 9: Lukas & Lindemann.
Country: Germany.
Agencies: Springer & Jacoby, Oysterbay (Lindemann) Jung von Matt, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski (both).
At Cannes: 16 lions, 1 from Lukas, 2 from Lindemann, 13 together.
Strong Points: Low cost stunts.