Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ícaro Doria

Ícaro is a Brazilian print master, a self-made man, who won major-awards at unknown agencies in small countries, until reaching Saatchi & Saatchi New York and helping to make it Agency of the Year in Cannes.

Ícaro is a visual thinker for excellence, but Brazilian top agencies thought he couldn´t make "good headlines", making the terrible mistake of neglecting him. Then, Doria found his way in Portugal, considered the European refuge for Brazilian creatives. There, he made multi-awarded campaigns for insignificant agencies and clients, until Tony Granger discovered his talent and called him to Saatchi NY. In the world capital, he created his most famous print campaigns and started to make great work also for radio and TV. Now, Ícaro is having some tough time at hard-for-creatives Y&R New York, but is also colecting some few awards. This time, as Creative Director.

Contrary to most of our ad geniuses, Ícaro did not win a Grand Prix in Cannes, but he was close twice. The first time was in 2003, when his ad for Ferin Library was considered the best of the year, until the jury found out it was a scam (big deal!). Two years later, his campaign for Grande Reportagem Magazine was clearly above everything else in print, but the lobby for TBWA Paris was stronger, and the Grand Prix went to EMI for some few votes. Anyway, things were never easy for Ícaro. Maybe that´s why he keeps making good work!

Ad Genius 3: Ícaro Doria

Countries: Brazil, Portugal, USA.

Agencies: DPZ, Leo Burnett Lisbon, FCB Lisbon, S&S New York, Y&R New York.

At Cannes: 11 lions, 3 gold.

Strong points: Fast descriptions of big truths.