Monday, September 28, 2009

Agnello Dias

Prasoon Joshi may be the Indian dearest, but the biggest talent from the fastest growing country in the world is definitely Agnello Dias. Joshi´s fan may say that Aggie (his nickname) has no local style and he makes advertising like an European. This is, somehow, true, altough in the last years, we´ve seen Bollywood-style films from him.

After Dart, Interpublicity and Lowe, Agnello finally reached the place where he would start to build a winning career: Leo Burnett. After three bronze lions, something considered very big in India, Aggie was hired in JWT and became CCO soon. In just three years, he won an unprecedented collection of 11 lions, including the first and only Grand Prix in the history for India.

After becoming bigger than any agency in India, Agnello took the obvious decision to open his own. But, more than that, he called his old pal from Leo Burnett, also multi-awarded Santosh Padhi, to join him in what we would call the hottest shop in India, maybe from the whole Asia. In the last 10 years, both creatives have won more lions than all the other Indian agencies together. Let´s see what he is preparing for next year!

Ad Genius 7: Agnello Dias.
Country: India.
Agencies: Lowe, Leo Burnett, JWT, TapRoot.
At Cannes: 14 lions, 1 GP, 6 golds.

Strong Points: Critic view, black humour.