Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Antonio Montero

It´s not possible to determine how responsible Antonio Montero López is for the success of Contrapunto in the last eight years he has been there. The only thing we know is that he has won, during that period, over 20 lions. We are not considering the other 3 lions Antonio has won in his previous agency, "AVA".

The true thing is that, more than a homage to Antonio himself, this post would like to highlight Contrapunto and Spain in this post. The country is always between the ten most awarded in the world, but it has a lack of big stars, different than its latin counterparts, Argentina and Brazil. Rafa Antón, the most well-known Spanish star, for example, has won "only" eight lions. Few, considered to the dozens each Brazilian or Argentinean star has won.

For 35 years, Contrapunto has been consistently, the most (or between the most) awarded and respected creative agencies in Spain. It has so much strength that it has not been sold to any multionational yet. It is probably the most successful agency in Europe to promote Smart, the small car and it reached the new century making great things for web too. Here, we will show some of the work Montero has done in Contrapunto.

Ad Genius 12: Antonio Montero López.
Country: Spain.
Agencies: McCann, Almeida Vaqueiro e Associados, Contrapunto.
At Cannes: About 25 lions, more than 20 in Contrapunto.
Strong points: Enviroment and social work.

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