Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Charles Inge

From the dozens of british advertising geniuses, it´s hard to start with one. Charles Inge may not be as well-known as Mark Tutsell, Paul Silburn or Jeremy Craigen (all them will definetely have their names here). But Inge, above all them, has class and style, he is a true British and his elegant ads are still a big influence in London and around the world. Where else could ads like The Independent´s "Littany" or Stella Artois´ "Reassuringly Expensive" be done but in UK?

Although having won 30 lions in his career, Charles Inge just worked in two agencies: Lowe and CHI & Partners, this last one founded by him. Adept from Bernbach style, Inge´s ads are usually truthful and based in solid arguments. Sure, when he is selling dirty juice, where there is no arguments to sell at all, he just picks a very good director to shoot a couple of very funny commercials.

It´s true that his agency is still a brilliant filmmaker, but they were having some problems to fit themselves in the new-cyber-era of advertising. Smart and elegant, like the british sir he is, Charles left the scene and hire some expert kids to do that work for him. Once in a while, he comes back and shoots a fantastic movie, for the delight of his fans. Me included.

Ad Genius 8: Charles Inge.
Country: United Kingdom.
Agencies: Lowe and CHI & Partners.
At Cannes: 30 lions, 2 GP, 9 golds.
Strong points: Brave concepts, clever executions.


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