Saturday, September 26, 2009

Juan Cabral

Juan Cabral is probably the biggest ad star of our generation. With only 29, he became partner of one of the leading UK agencies, Fallon London. And he is not even british. Born in Argentina, Cabral began at Agulla & Bacetti, where he already collected some global awards.

You just couldn´t say that Cabral is lucky since he has worked in the best agencies and had the best opportunities. If you check out the credits, you will see he is usually the copywriter, the art director of the ad (if print) and the director (if TV). He usually has no company in the credits. And when he does, we can suppose who is the real brain...

Like most superstars, he is a bit exquisite. After winning his most prestigious award, the TV Grand Prix in Cannes, Cabral decided to move back to Argentina to raise his first kid. Will he become the advertising James Dean and retire forever, maintaining intact his image of legend or will he come back to try the tough challenge of keeping being the best?

Ad Genius 1: Juan Cabral.
Countries: Argentina, UK.
Agencies: Agulla & Bacetti, Mother, Fallon London.
At Cannes: 11 Lions (2 GP).
Strong point: Emotional advertising and use of music.


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